Covid-19 Information

This page is for residents of The Village to provide local information on Covid-19 in our community.

We hope you find it useful and welcome suggestions and updates.

Edited June 22, 2020

Phase Two reopening in Niagara – what’s that mean for you?

The Ontario government has a detailed plan for Phase Two reopening for Niagara Region starting Friday, June 19.

Here’s what we can and can’t do.

Social Bubble of 10 – but circle of more?  What are the rules?

Where and how to get tested for COVID-19

Anyone can get a test – just phone to book an appointment.  They will also take walk-ins – but you may wait in your car until a spot is available.   So phone ahead.
COVID-19 Assessment Centre info

COVID-19 numbers for Niagara Region

Messages from the Town

Government of Canada

Ontario Provincial Government

Niagara Region

Ontario Provincial Police

Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake


NOTL Bus Service

Wondering where you can…

  • order some take out,
  • get some groceries,
  • get your car serviced,
  • get your computer tuned,
  • pick up a case of wine?

Here’s a list of businesses and services available in NOTL. 

In The Village – We’re Here to Help Residents

For those residents who have not yet returned to The Village, or if you are still in isolation… we are here to help you!
The VCA has coordinated a Taskforce effort, managed by Mona Babin, VCA President

How the VCA can help you

Task What to do Who can help
Groceries Make your list as specific as possible Your neighbour or Mona Babin @
Medications and Prescriptions Order from your pharmacy Several pharmacies will deliver.  If they don’t, ask them if someone else can pick up and contact Mona Babin @
Take-out Place your order by phone and pay by credit card.  They can also sell you beer or full bottles of wine Your neighbour or Mona Babin @ will pick up your order for you
Wine or Beer Place your order with any local winery or brewery and pay by credit card Most local businesses will deliver.  If not, ask a neighbour or Mona Babin @
Pick up your mail Provide us with your key and we will drop off the key and your mail Your neighbour or Contact Mona Babin @
Walk your pet Make sure you have a safe leash and ‘poop’ bags Your neighbour or Mona Babin @


Shopping Safely in the Covid-19 Environment

Covid-19 data for world – up-to-the-minute data, charts, maps and more by country
VCA Newsletters published recently

If you have any other suggestions of resources we can include on this page please let us know.

Sue Henry, Communications Officer, Village Community Association

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