The Village Rocks!

May 31, 2020

Something lovely happened last Saturday in The Village  – when most of us weren’t looking…   Little words of inspiration were shared in our community – on  rocks!  Somebody painted hundreds of rocks – and delivered them to our doorsteps in The Village.

And who did this?  “Who loves ya Baby?”

ThanksThe VCA Social Committee – of course.  They have been cooped up too long!  The team was itching to reach out and touch someone – but gently and from a distance of course.

Thanks ladies!  You made a lot of people feel special when they found this joyful little gift delivered to their front porch.  All hand painted and delivered to every home in The Village – that’s a lot of rocks!  About 300.

We shall now call the Social Committee the Rockettes!  
And those Rockettes couldn’t be boulder!

Thanks Rockettes!
Can’t wait to see what you dig up for us next time!