Canada Day, July 1, 2020

What a Canada Day!MonaWhen everyone was wondering how to celebrate our nation’s holiday, The Village residents were busy putting up flags and decorations for our first porch celebration.What a success! I was blown away by the dedication and creativity demonstrated by so many Villagers.Congrats on yet another very successful event by the Social Committee members. You have outdone yourselves.Sue Henry (VCA Communications Director) and I drove around every street after the parade to look at the porch decorations one more time to make sure we captured them all. Sue and I then spent about an hour on my porch going back and forth to determine the winners. It was NOT an easy choice.The winners were thrilled with their prizes and, more importantly, grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a perfect event to bring the community together.I am more and more grateful to be part of this community and you are all an important part of why that is. Thank you everyone for making this such a special day!Bravo!Mona Babin
VCA President



And words from our Grand Prize winners
The Connollys of 89 Garrison Village Drive

Elle Connolly, granddaughter of Richard and Wendy Connolly was instrumental in creating the winning theme of Sports in Canada.  When asked, she said that she likes to play sports in the summer and in the winter, and Canada offers so many opportunities.  According to Elle, her grandparents were very helpful in pulling it all together.  Elle thought the Bike Parade and the Porch Decorating Contest were well organized and nicely executed.  She is a proud Canadian.  Elle finds this community very friendly, kind and nice.  She said people seem to enjoy living in this community.  And she is so right!Congratulations to Elle and her grandparents on being the Grand Prize Winners.